Re: My financial update

By | August 26, 2016

Humbling and very motivating. Keep up the good work Roxanne. Your husband is a blessed man!

TY Chad…. I know we have a LOT of credit card debt and last February I made a chart…. Across the top i put the months of the year and then down the side i made lines across and each card had its own. During each month when i would get my statement, i’d mark my balance, if it went up or down…. my min. payment due and what % of the cards credit balance I had used. At the bottom, of each month- i calculated total credit debt…. and how much it went up or down and my % of credit to debt ratio. I feel that helped me take a glance and see how i’ve improved and seen these months were i was only able to may the min. payments and saw how that didn’t really help us financially in the long run. I was surprised when i looked yesterday and saw we paid $2100 in a year. I think that’s pretty good. Specially since money was tight with us moving and then we had that nasty $3000 fine.

Hopefully this year will be a bigger payoff:) At least that’s my plan!!! I’ll be sure to post updates every few months to let ya know how it’s going…. It’s funny how paying off my debt gets me all excited…

Also it helps that i’m not a shopaholic.. I’m a big coupon nut and use coupons BIG time when i go food shopping. I generally save between $15-30 a shopping trip (our stores don’t double). And i do mail in rebates if i can find them AND do surveys online for extra cash or gift cards. That used to be my spending money but now i’m going to put that towards my CC debt as well:)

I’m all psyched!!!