Need encouragement

By | February 17, 2016

Hello everyone, I’ve been a part of the group for a long time, but never participated. Now I need encouragement from anywhere I can get it. I am a single mom of a teenager, and bit the bullet and moved in with my mother in order to use the money I would otherwise spend on bills/rent to pay off the credit cards. It was hell for the first 8 months (and I’ve only lived here 9!!!)

My original goal was to pay off my debts in 24 months and then move out. Well, because of the craziness of living back at home, I got sidetracked and didn’t get started on my goal until recently.

I have accomplished paying off one credit card so far, the smallest. I am working on the next smallest now. This seems to help me feel like I am accomplishing something. I should have this one paid off by December if I pay $600/mo. (ugh).

My total is $23,250. I think I can get $10k paid off by next October. I am putting the majority of my money into the credit cards, some into savings so that when things come up I have the cash, and then the rest is pocket/food money.

Well that felt good to get off of my chest. I have a spreadsheet that I created to keep track of my credit cards as well. Please pray for me that this effort will work. I think sometimes we have to get desperate before we shift ourselves into gear and really take this credit addiction seriously.

What I’ve found to be helpful is to promise myself a little something special when I pay something off. So when the first credit card was paid off the next month a bought a couple new shirts for my husband and myself. (T shirts still cheap but nice to have something new).

I’ve promised my husband when we pay off the next one (which I affectionality call the big one) then we would have enough money to get him a different truck. His truck nine years old but this time we’re doing it different. I’m going to have a down payment and we’re going to only pay for three years.

We is working four hours a week overtime and I’ve got a job babysitting. Except on the mortgage weeks all my money is going into savings or being thrown at the credit card. We are having a yard sale the first week in October and that money will go towards the cc too. Tax money… you guessed it cc.

That’s exactly what it is though an addiction. The country/banks let us live in a way that we couldn’t afford. Its so important to live in a way that you can afford. You’re doing great keep to your goal!

Thank you! I’ve been looking into buying a fake Coach Maggie purse to make me feel good (not to spend more than $60 cash at the most!) but I feel guilty because I am scared that it is a “want” purchase instead of a “need” purchase. I do need a new purse because mine is really tattered and the inside lining is ripped up, and the zipper doesn’t zip all the time, but it still does what it needs to do, and I still get compliments on it.

But I really want that Coach purse (mind you I am NOT buying a real one!)

Don’t forget about Goodwill stores and thrift stores. I’ve found fancy name brands in those stores at a fraction of the original cost. I can buy new jeans for around $20 or gently used jeans for 3 to 5 dollars and sometimes only half that cause i get the colored tags that are 50% off that week.

And don’t forget yard sales. I’ve seen purses that still have store tags. Bought myself a really nice purse from a yard sale and only paid $1 and it looked as thought it had never been used.