I love your CCPayments spreadsheet!

By | March 15, 2016

I downloaded the spreadsheet, used the password (which released the other worksheets to accept the formula), and entered my cc info. According to the sheet, if I make the monthly minimum payments and don’t spend any more $$ on them, they will be paid off in 5 years. ok…but I added one more thing to the spreadsheet. Next to the date (the amount actually) where the balance should be zero, I enter the amount of years.

Well, today I paid an extra $150 to a credit card, entered that into the worksheet, and I checked the bottom of the worksheet and I just save 6 months of payments! my credit card will be paid off 6 months earlier by making that one extra payment. I kept the entry alone, so that every time I make an extra payment, I can see how many months I am saving on having to pay for that one credit card. It feels great! I can see the end! I used to just use the credit card when I needed it because I figured it would never get paid, but thanks to the spreadsheet, I see the end! Thank you!!

It’s helped me see things in a different way. the debt collector is threating that going to court is the next step. I can’t wait to see if that happens.

I have been trying to discuss this with the bank. When it first started they said if the ex would write out a letter they would close the account and less than $10 would have been needed to even things out. the ex used the account to make 1 or 2 monthly payments but wihtout money in the account the payments didn’t go through and the bank tacked on those insufficient funds fees (30 each) plus another fee because the account had gone negative. Oh, and because my name ins’t on the account they don’t want to discuss this with me.