BoA Debt Negotiation

By | October 15, 2016

I have posted a couple times here and talked about debt settlement well I called this freedom point recommended by someone from this site and I have an appointment but I am canceling because I was able to negotiate myself!! I am so excited. BoA was being so non-negotiable I just kept calling and calling I now have 6% interest for the life of the card and a lower payment! Of course this account is now closed but I will actually be able to see the balance go down as I make my payment. I was so thrilled about this!!! Thanks for all the advice from this site. I hope to become debt free eventually and then hopefully learn from this experience.

I don’t know if I am digest 308? But here is what I did

I called initially to tell BoA that I was filing for bankruptcy and was there anything they could do to help me they said no and to call this debt help place I called them and they said they could not help me but gave me the number for BoA internal hardship department because sometimes they help people in temporary situations. After 2 phone calls they said they could not help I said you are forceing me into bankruptcy that seems stupid?

she said well we could do a debit transfer for this months payment to show you are willing to pay this amount then we can turn it in for review. It would take 2 weeks she said they never called or wrote back I had to call back and explain my situation 3 times before I got my awesome results!!