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Wanting to send a cease and desist letter, but not sure where to send it

Some of my accounts look to finally be going to collection agencies. My Citibank I know has, I got a letter from them last week. And another new place called here today, not sure who they are representing, but I haven’t received anything in the mail yet. Do all collection agencies send you something in the mail that they have taken over a debt? I want to send them a cease and desist letter to only contact me by mail and to not contact any family or friends, but I don’t know who to send it to or know which account they are representing. Should I wait for something in the mail, or should I call back the number they left and ask them these questions? So far I’m finding collection agencies don’t say much on a message, they just simply say they are trying to collect a debt and that’s it, oh and the name of their company but not who they are representing.

Yes, the collection agencies will send you notice that the account has been assigned to them. The initial notice, per the FDCPA, advises you or your rights under the FDCPA to dispute or require the collection agency to verify the debt. Their contact info will be in this initial notice. If they contact you by phone, ask them how you can contact them by mail.

I sent a letter to a collection company requesting them to verify the debt and they have not responded. What happens if they never respond?
Is there a time frame they have to respond in?

No there is not a time frame in that case. I did that on a debt and they sold, that company sold it. I went through 4 companies before they stopped hounding me.

HOWEVER, if it shows up on you credit report and you send the credit agency a letter requesting proof of debt, they have 30 days to show proof or remove it from your credit report. The question is what constitutes proof of the debt. I’ve asked a couple of companies for proof and all they send me is a copy of a bill. This does not seem to be adequate proof. I could make up a phony bill and send it to someone that they owe me money. I would think the “proof” would have to be something with my signature.