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Have you tried contacting the redemption department?

We have a cc with Chase and I find them to be the least willing to work with us. Have you tried contacting the redemption department? Even if you opened a new account in your name companies won’t let you switch balances. I would agree that putting things in writing would be the best course of action.

Have you called your state rep or senator and told them about your situation? My child is disabilied and sometimes when I run across a problem they are helpful at helping me find agencies within the government to help.

I think that you would be better off trying to get a payment arrangment with a lower interest rate then paying off but I’ve only been able to lower interest rates with my companies.

I wish you the best of luck. Because of your husbands illness I would contact the company in writing. I would ask them to cease and desist their harassing phone calls. There isn’t anything that’s going to change so you should not be subject to that. Someone on this list posted a sample letter I think you could find it within the last couple weeks.

Big hugs and I wish you luck