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The program I use for tracking my debt

I tried but I guess we don’t have excel on our computer. The program I use for tracking my debt worked great up until now. I made a mistake bounced a check (virtually) then my credit card with my bank “saved” me depending how you look at it by taking a 100 cash advance. So my little credit card with about 2000 on it at 6.99 which was acceptable to put off paying anything but the minimum has now changed. Now there is a hundred dollars with a 20% daily interest tacked onto the end of it. Darn! So now I guess I need to pay this off before my “big” cc with the huge balance and the 9.24 % interest rate. Does anyone know where there is any type of calculator where you can use it to see what the best way to use your payment money is for these type of issues?


As you live in Ontario you can opt for online payday loans in Canada. This is a very good way to obtain quick cash. And if you open a google account, you can use their docs to run excel programs for ‘free’. My favorite! Just save the excel program to your desktop, then upload it to google docs and run it from there. As for calculators, there is probably one that will work for you at They have a calculator for just about everything under the sun!